What I’m Listening To on 12.21.2018: “Let It Snow” Various artists


Author’s Note: No videos or images are my own.

It is not Christmas time without this song. Even though the song does not directly mention Christmas.

“Let It Snow” (1945)

Artist: Dean Martin

Composers: Sammy Cahn (Lyrics) and Jule Styne (Music).

This song was recorded by many. However, Dean Martin’s version is still my favorite. As the weather cools in Illinois it fits the bill.

Another version I adore is this one from Rod Stewart.

“I brought me some corn for poppin.”

Jessica Simpson’s version is atrocious—she looks great though.

This version by Gwen Stefani is decent.

“As long as you love me so…”

A pop-country version from Blake Shelton provides great fusion between Shelton’s genre and the song’s pop origins.

Michael Bublé’s version is by far my second favorite. This song just belongs in the big band/ 50s-60s atmosphere that Bublé modernizes effortlessly.

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