A Look Into the Goldeneye: A Tribute to An Anthem of Bond’s Rebirth

Goldeneye was the first Bond movie that I really appreciated. I wanted to highlight the magnificent opening themes to this movie. I could and still identify with Bond on some levels. I was born in 1990, the second-to-last year of the cold war. Most millennials have no concept of the Cold War, yet me being a quasi-member of this generation I can tell you that I know the concept well. James Bond has to cope with a new world much like I do. Let’s talk about the Goldeneye themes from that 1995 rebirth of Ian Fleming’s timeless action hero.





Song: GoldenEye (1995)

Composer: Bono & The Edge

Artist (Original): Tina Turner

“See him move through smoke and mirror…”

“Kill him, he means nothing to me…” Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova



Here is a version for the 2010 remake of the video game sung by Nicole Scherzinger. Not as good as a performance for my liking versus Tina Turner’s.

This is a wonderful instrumental version by Cristina Kiseleff. She captures the mood of the song well with the jagged cliff setting of her video.


“See him surface and never reshadow…”

Voces8 provides a fun, yet campy cover of the song.



“The World’s Greatest Cashcard, it had better not be rejected….Alec Trevelyan a.k.a Janus

And here is a demo of this famous theme by the composers: Bono & The Edge. I can’t say I like it.


Song: The Goldeneye a.k.a The Juvenile

Artist: Ace of Base

Composer: Jonas Berggren



This next song is the theme that never was. Ace of Base was going to be the performing artist for Goldenye’s theme. However, the studio pulled out. Ace of Base rewrote the song as ‘The Juvenile’—while this song is catchy and has merit I am glad the right theme was chosen.

“The GoldenEye
Is a place where the night is so cold
The GoldenEye
Has the key to the end (always believe)
The GoldenEye”



“The road will take us to the end. I used to like you as a friend.”



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