AWS Argentina Wingshooting Simulator


Game: AWS Argentina Wingshooting Simulator  (2017)

Platform Played: PC

Developer: Curse Box Studios

Publisher: AWS

Background: I’ve never been hunting. But, thanks to computer gaming I can go hunting—only in a sense though. I have enjoyed busting clay pigeons with shotguns varying in manfacture from Montgomery Ward, Stevens, Remington, Winchester, Beretta, and Mossberg. Now, I get to do virtual wingshooting  with clouds of steel birdshot and unnamed shotguns (semi-automatic, over and unders). The ultra light semi-automatic shotgun (an unnamed Benelli) is my favorite. The unnamed guns remind me of Goldeneye’s Klobb and DD44.


Gameplay: It is simple. You hunt birds in ponds, marshes, and a field named corn stubble. There needed to be more levels. Otherwise, there’s no real variety in where you hunt.

There are two game modes: free hunt and challenge mode. Free hunt: shoot any bird that flys, you have six minutes. Challenge mode: shoot specfied ducks (winged teals, red shovelers..), and there is a time limit. The issue unfortunately is that it does not give you those objectives during the hunting sequence. So write down your objectives, otherwise you had better have a good memory.


Overall Impression: This is no masterpiece. However, it is a great way to earn Steam achievements and enjoy a shooter in the first person perspective. While this is not immersive, it certainly beats duck hunt.


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