Insurgency: Sandstorm

I hated Insurgency. I loved Day of Infamy. Insurgency: Sandstorm is a masterpiece. I cannot wait until new maps are released. The maps are good. The community is quality (mostly), and the developers took their time to make a fine tactical shooter that reminds me of Arma and Day of Infamy. If you enjoy other games in this genre you’ll enjoy this.

Game: Insurgency: Sandstorm (2018)

Developer: New World Interactive

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Platform Played: PC

Price: $29.99

Gameplay: Imagine the realism of Arma without the clunkiness of the command interface. Imagine a host of realisticly portrayed military firearms ranging from classics like the M16A2, the venerable AK47 and the Uzi to modern firearms like the MP7 and exotic short barreled rifles.


You can customize these guns to your heart’s longings. Holographic sights, red dots, scopes—or tried and true iron sights are yours for the picking. These fine firearms sound like their real life reports. As you know I’m a firearms enthusiast and I love punching holes in paper or vaporizing clay pigeons. Firearms play a big role in my fiction too.

I was happy to see the Sig-Sauer get some screen time.

The Maps: The maps are all believable settings for armed encounters with insurgents of a questionable origin. Afghanistan and Syria seem to be the inspiration whereas Iraq was the inspiration for the first Insurgency. I enjoy the maps: Crossing, Precinct, and Summit the most.

The community: So much better than Call of Duty! And yards above that junior high favorite: Fortnite. Why don’t you join me on Insurgency: Sandstorm? 



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