Hyperspace Delivery Service: An Adventure Full of Gambles


Author’s Note: This is an early access game. I will revisit this game during its final release.

If you are not a gambler, you will be when you play this game. Want to repair your ship? How many repair parts will you bet in the many game? How many medkits will you expend to heal a crewmember? Will you answer distress beacons? Will you arrive at your destination on time? Hard to say? As I said it is a gamble.

Game: Hyperspace Delivery Service (2018)

Developer: Zotnip

Publisher: Zotnip

Platform Played: PC

Purchased on Steam for $9.99


A Masterpiece In The Making:I first played this game on itch.io! Now that it was on Steam I had to purchase the full game. Keep in mind this is an early access game. Not a full release. There’s some problems, but nothing worth mentioning here. All in all, I love this game. Why? Because it has elements of The Oregon Trail, Wing Commander, and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold.

How does it do this? With a wonderful main game where the player has to make crisis decisions and management decisions regarding resources, crew members, and the ship they command (asset management). You as the player will control the ship in sub-light travel to battle pirates and search for missing cargo containers. This is likely my favorite mini game. And lastly, an FPS mini-game where you’ll battle robot pirates to rescue your crew, save civilians, and reacquire missing cargo or valuables for NPCs. These all do well when they’re blended together. Did I mention each of your crew members have special abilities? Your comms officer is a expert negotiator. The security officer is a CQB specialist, and your science officer has a shield to wear in the FPS mini-game.



It works well to make a strong foundation for the final release: You’ll start out in a similar fashion to The Oregon Trail. You will purchase supplies. Your inventory is easily managed on the easy difficulty—there’s no inventory limit for your purchases. I recommend purchasing plenty of food, fuel, and oxygen. Missiles and blaster ammo are handy as well. Plus, you’ll need parts to repair your vessel. Things happen in space. And med kits are important!


As you travel along the stars you’ll see hitchikers, citizens of this galaxy who need a tour, scientists who want help with research, and distress signals. You’ll also fight robots in space and in an FPS mini game. And you’ll be repairing your vessel from time to time.

Do not forget to give your crew a rest by stopping in the local space bars for some refreshment. Hopefully the music will be good at the UFO saloon.


Have a beer with a Paddington Bear look a-like, and some sort of Robin Hood Rabbit.


The Only Critique I Have:  The First Person Shooter segment needs a lot of work. I realize it is just a mini-game—it needs to be a compelling mini-game though. I found the level design to be week. It is nothing but rectangular rooms connected by long corridors. All of the enemies take two shots to take down, and they have good aim. Maybe a variety of weapons would help too. Maybe something more powerful can be purchased later to give the player an edge?


Again, it reminds me of Blake Stone. I have a feeling Pyrus Goldfire is about to teleport behind me.



Buy This: While this game is still in early access I think you will love this fun journey to make sure the package reaches the destination. Are you up to become a transporter in the stars? I think you are. Hurry up and buy this now.




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