What I’m Listening To January 01/29/2019: My Deliver Is Coming

“Joseph took his wife and his child and they went to Africa to escape the rage of a deadly king…”

Herod I aka Herod The Great, the deadly king mentioned in the song

Song: “My Deliverer Is Coming”

Composer: Rich Mullins, Mitch McVicker

Artist: Rich Mullins, et. al.

Album: The Jesus Record (1998)

Background: I’ve heard some amazing stories about faith and deliverance lately. I’ll write them down eventually and turn them into stories. For now I need to just celebrate them with this song.

“The world was singing…”

Melody Hwang has an amazing cover here.

Mitch McVicker has an amazing version alongside a tribute to his friend and fellow songwriter.

Here is another version of the song by Mitch McVicker. This one has a 90s grunge/post-rock vibe.


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