Streets of Rage: A Frustrating & Fun Classic!

I’ve been playing a lot of retro games lately. It has been fun. Lately I have been exploring the Sega classics on steam.


I never owned a Sega Genesis! I have friends who have had them so I’m playing Sega Arcade/Console classics via PC from Steam. Today I’m going to talk about Streets of Rage.





Vitals: Streets of Rage (1991)






Platforms: Multiple

Developers: Multiple

Publishers: Multiple

Background: I used to play this game with my friends at their homes much like Golden Axe. These games are similar: side-scrolling arcade style action.

The opening credits

Much like Golden Axe I’m awful at this game! I was thankfully better just barely. I made it farther in the story mode, but I’m not going to be playing it anymore for a long time. I kept meeting my match on the ferry boat.

This game brings back a lot of childhood/teenage memories. Frankly, it is the same arcade formula of Golden Axe. It gets repetitive. It still is fun though. The mean streets get cleaned up.


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