Peninsular War Battles from HexWar


Background: The Napoleonic Era has always been of great interest to me. When I watched the Hornblower series as a junior higher and the Sharpe series as a high schooler I fell in love with the pomp and pagentry. As I got older I realized the absurdity of war and the horrors of what the real soldiers and sailors of this era had gone through.  One of the fronts of the larger Napoleonic War was the Iberian Peninsula. In Spain and Portugal the armies of the world powers clashed.

I adore turn-based strategy games. And Hexwar is a publisher/developer that I’m growing to love. I detest RTSs. I abhor resource collection and base building. While I enjoyed Age of Empires I have no desire to send villagers to collect berries ever. This game Peninsular War provides what I crave in a strategy game.

The Vitals

Game: Peninsular War Battles (2017)

Developer: HexWar

Publisher: HexWar

Platform Played: PC

Price on Steam: $9.99


Gameplay: This is an old-school hexagonal playing field with modern graphics. You’ll enjoy scenarios involving French, Portugese, Italian, Polish, British, and Spanish forces. Famous units such as the 95th Rifles, 60th Rifles, Gordon Highlanders, French Old Guard, and others are featured in this game.

Historical battles such as Talavera, Vittoria, and others are featured. There’s one campaign that seemed to come straight out of an episode of Sharpe.

My Suggestion: If you adore Napoleonic settings and hexagonal battlefields in wargaming you’ll love this. Will you take the king’s shilling?

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