Scotch & Soda with John Barr Reserve Blend

Since January I’ve not had a single drop of beer. This started as palanca for Cursillo. It became a lifestyle change via an indefinite hiatus from beer. I’m just having whisky, wine and cocktails. One of my favorite cocktails is a scotch and soda. This is simple, but refreshing. My favorite scotch to have in a scotch and soda is John Barr’s Reserve Blend.


If you’ve not had John Barr Reserve Blend and you are a scotch fan, you are missing out. This is Johnny Walker Black—but it is budget conscious.


John Barr and soda has a unmistakable flavor. You have oak and smokiness with a-newfound carbonation. The finish is honey and vanilla. The aroma is honey and oak. I enjoy this beverage immensely. Here’s some info on John Barr.


Now we had a snowy day in April in my neck of the woods. So you can imagine this was a welcome winter warmer.

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