Folger’s 1850 Vanilla Iced Coffee


I know that sometimes a coffee doesn’t do it for you in the morning. I also know that sometimes a trip to the coffee shop cannot happen. So thankfully there are drinks like this. This drink in particular is a great substitute for a vanilla iced coffee when you just cannot make it to the store to pick one up.

Taste & Aroma: The scent of vanilla is truly pleasing when you open this bottle. The flavor is close to a Iced Latté, but it is no where hitting the bullseye. There’s vanilla sweetness that isn’t too sweet. But there is a major lack of espresso punch.

The vanilla is pleasant. But there’s no boldness from espresso

Final Impression: I’m not impressed. Dunkin Donuts makes a better bottled iced coffee. Check out this post here. Frankly, I cannot advocate trying this. But, I can back Dunkin.




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