Leyenda Del Milagro Tequila Reposado


Brand: Milagro

Tequila Grade: Reposado (Aged 3 to 6 months)

Country of Origin: United States of Mexico

Serving Method: Chilled measure poured into 9 oz glass; bottle had spent three hours in freezer

Background: I had been eager to sample and try tequilas for a while. I had taken a break from beer from January to May. What originally ended up being palanca for Cursillo ended up being a bit of long term hiatus. During this time I immersed myself in the world of bourbon, whiskies of various origins, and tequila. Although, my first ventures in the world of tequila were unremarkable I have discovered some new ones. One of the newest ones I have started to enjoy is Leyenda Del Milagro. I have had both their silver and their Reposado. I’m currently enjoying the Reposado—this is a live review.  This tequila is aged for six months.

Taste & Aroma: I can detect some apple, pear, and vanilla in the nose of this spirit. It smells like a chardonnay. The flavor is one of cinnamon, oak, and the finish is of the flavor of this spirit’s origin; Blue Agavé!

Final Analysis: This is a sensational tequila. I enjoy a good tequila, and I’ll be trying more. You’ll get to ride along.





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