Some Snaps of a Six Year Anniversary Celebration in Champaign, IL

Amanda and I celebrated six years of marriage yesterday. We had a wonderful start of our celebration at Golden Harbor Restaurant. Golden Harbor is likely the best Chinese food I have ever enjoyed. Their authentic menu is excellent. If you love Bao Buns and great dumplings you must check them out.  I loved their seasame and phoenix buns.

My bombshell wife had the pork belly buns.

The glorious pork belly!

This was a great meal—all in all it reminds me of how much I love Golden Harbor; it is a jewel in downstate Illinois’s crown.

Later, we had some pilsners at The Blind Pig.

Some of the ephemera that makes the Blind Pig’s atmosphere unique and cozy


For dinner we enjoyed a nice bit of sushi at Ko-Fusion.  I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures from Ko-Fusion. I was getting a tad tired.



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