Kostritzer: A Black Lager from Germany

Beer: Kostritzer

Beer Style: Schwarzbier (Black Lager)

Abv: 4.80%

Serving method: can poured into shaker pint glass

Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany

Brewery: Kostrizer (Bitburger)

Background: Before I could ever legally drink beer this is one I wanted to try. It looks like Coca-Cola, but unlike Coke it is the realest thing. There’s a bite and a roasted character to it. This is an all business beer, and you’ll find that it is simple yet complex. It is refreshing to the highest degree—but it will have you dismissing it with its low price and ancient origins. Despite that this is a beer that I’ve enjoyed in some of the best moments and most challenging moments in my life.


Taste & Aroma: A bready, malty aroma is what you’ll find when you lift the glass up to your nose. I get a hint of grass too. I taste roasted malt, bread, biscuits, and a small bit of spice at the finish. This beer is as black as coca-cola, but it tastes far better. And when you gulp it down there’s far more of a bite than coke shall ever have.


Final Analysis: This is one of my favorite beers. I love Kostritzer. On draught it is certainly amazing. I’ll tell you about the draught version in the near future. Kostritzer is a beer I’ve reached for in fun times and in miserable times. I’ve had this beer with friends and adversaries. This is a lager that is held in high regard by me.

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