Dark Data Review

Game: Dark Data (2019)

Platform Played: PC

Bought on Steam: $9.99

Developer: Pixelfoot Games

Publisher: The Incubator

Background: I am going to be turning 30 next year. I’m a child of the 1990s. I grew up playing Goldeneye 64 (1997). I loved the multiplayer. When I was in junior high, I had the privilege of playing Perfect Dark. It took a long time to really play that game. But, it was worth the wait. I’ll do a write-up about those games some time soon.

Dark Data is essentially a love-letter to those above-mentioned N64 games. Frankly, they have done a wonderful job. Apparently, it is based off of an unreleased 90s film of the same name.


Gameplay: There is only a multiplayer mode. I cannot say that I’ve always been the biggest multiplayer fan. But, I’m thrilled to hear that they are working on a single-player campaign. But, this multiplayer is old-school—there are no classes. Instead, you can select a pool of weapons ranging from handguns only to power weapons. I adore the full auto only weapon set. And I like the Assassin set as well.



The maps are very reminiscent of Perfect Dark. Again, this is a love-letter. And I adore the fact that the varying modes of play: Team Deathmatch, Capture The Floppy, & Deathmatch all work well with them. I was very much reminded of 90s settings with “The Maul” and “The Office” maps. The multiplayer gameplay is such an excellent experience I hope they can publish an update with the single-player campaign soon.

One Problem: At times during the start of matches, the camera will not pan around your character. You cannot move—I have had to exit the game and restart every time this happens. Hopefully, this is remedied soon.


Final Thoughts: This is a well-made game. It is unfinished obviously. But, you need to check it out soon.

2 thoughts on “Dark Data Review

  1. Very much appreciate the review. Pat here @pixelfootgames – the “freeze” issue should have been fixed but I’ll look at it again. It never seems to happen if you’re using a controller, if that helps at all. Dealing w/all the different controller types and whatnot has been a huge pain. Glad you enjoyed – first free singleplayer (or up to 4 player COOP) narrative bit coming before the end of the month!


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