A Trip To Springfield

Copy by Brandon C. Hovey

Photography  by Austin Simpson

I had not been to the state’s capital in some time. Let alone the downtown. When my best friend suggested a visit to an impressive bookshop known as Prairie Archives and a visit to Lincoln’s Tomb I could not resist. We also made a stop at a place called Arlington’s: a wonderful bar and grill. They have a house ale that is magnificent.

Lincoln’s Tomb: Photo courtesy of Austin Simpson

I had not been to Lincoln’s Tomb. I could never recall visiting. But upon seeing the sights in the tomb’s interior I could not help but struggle to maintain composure. I was fighting tears the whole time. I’m not much of a crier, but I shed a few tears by the time our visit was over. Abraham Lincoln was the savior of the United States of America. A tomb of this caliber is fitting his legacy.

Lincoln’s Tomb is within the Oak Ridge Cemetery. It would be better called a necropolis as it is a sprawling and vast cemetery with graves dating back to pre-statehood times in Illinois (before 1818). Governors, state officials, veterans, and other dignitaries are interned at this cemetery. It is well worth visiting.

A menacing and primitive sculpture at Arlington’s 
A wire frame sculpture at Arlington’s

Arlington’s was a sensational place. It is located at 210 Broadway within Springfield. I ordered the Alfredo Burger. Austin had the Tangy Burger. We both split the Pierogis. And I will tell you that I was excited about the thought of pierogi initially. However, it was more of a firm pocket than a dumpling like I was hoping for prior to the meal.

Pierogis (My photo)

I adored my Alfredo Burger. What I enjoyed with the meal was the Two Brothers brewed house ale. It is billed as a special Amber Ale, and it was a delight!

The Alfredo Burger (My Photo, I could have done better).

Prairie Archives was one of the best parts of our trip alongside a bookshop known as Elf Shelf. I found quite a haul at both places. Here are the addresses.

Prairie Archives: 522 E Adams St, Springfield, IL 62701

Elf Shelf: 413 E Adams St, Springfield, IL

Both of these book stores are well worth a trip too if you reside in driving distance. There will be more travelogues in the future.


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