Unreal Gold Review


Now: Unreal Gold is one of those games that is likely famous to debut the Unreal Engine! The game’s story and plot though are just okay. The levels are immersive, interesting, and maze like. The weapons are too underpowered to begin with! The enemies are too strong. My favorite weapon is the flak cannon; a caricature on shotguns. I really will say that I prefer beyond a shadow of a doubt: the game’s sequel. It plays better and feels better to play than this trainwreck. I have never touched the expansion pack. I doubt I ever will. Here’s what I said about this game a long time ago. Did I have nostalgia goggles on? Yes, I did.

Then: I thought I had reviewed this game before. Apparently, I did not. Now I see why! Should you play this? Quite frankly, play the second one. Here’s why you should.

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