Open Letter to Governor JB Pritzker

This has been a time of great trial and fear. A pandemic has not happened in 102 years. Who could have predicted this happening in our time. Unfortunately, I have seen a pattern in my own life of predicting patterns and how people would or could behave in some situations. This has been both a blessing and a curse. In 2018, I made a video supporting Governor Bruce Rauner’s re-election. I asserted that our now present governor would be a ‘jovial assassin’ of constitutional rights. I was correct. I echo what Phil Luciano of the Peoria Journal Star said in his May 4th column. We need a regional reopening of Illinois. A sustained shut down of the state is unsustainable. Pritzker has announced a plan to reopen the state, but still it is too slow for some.

Governor JB Pritzker has shown his true nature due to his extension of the shutdown. He is acting like a third world dictator or an absolute monarch, Kim Jong Un comes to mind alongside some other bad characters in history. He is showing hubris when he should be showing leadership. He is playing at governing when he should be listening. He is promoting fear when he should be promoting the recovery. We do not know how long this virus has been on our shores. As Luciano asserted earlier, it made since to stay at home for the first thirty days, we did not know what was going on. Now, small businesses are continuing to suffer: some have been closing their doors for good.

Last month, I received several communications from constituents. These people are hard-working Americans who enjoy the lifestyle that is associated with RVs and campgrounds. They expressed great remorse that their lifestyle is being disrupted by the lockdown. The private parks they enjoy membership in cost around $1500 for a year’s access. This is not only preventing people from enjoying their recreational activities outdoors. This is also destroying the state’s tourism economy. This is a situation where a camper’s neighbors may be beyond twelve feet away or more—this is well within the guidelines of social distancing. When will this damage to our state’s middle class stop? If we are continued to be shut down, we are in immense trouble.

Governor Pritzker, you are showing your true colors. Regardless, of what your ambitions are if they are beyond the governor’s mansion, or if they remain in state politics you are showing yourself to be someone that is creating an environment resembling the eastern bloc, or worse. What is working or barely working for Chicago, does not play well in Peoria or anywhere else in downstate Illinois.

Will you be remembered for leadership, or a lack thereof? What will be your legacy? What kind of history are you helping to write? Surely your challenger will remember this in your next election. Local leaders in my region like Mayor John Kahl of East Peoria and others are accomplishing what you cannot or choose not to do. They are planning for a recovery. You are preventing one. You are telling people to stay at home, and your own family has traveled to Florida.

You have no regard for the freedoms of people within this state. You have no regard for the United States Constitution. Above all, you have no ethics. Your association with Rod Blagojevich was enough to prove that. Your juvenile antics in regards to removing the toilets in your Gold Coast Mansion were further proof of that. And now letting your wife and daughter travel to Florida? My goodness, Sir. You have no conscience or a shred of empathy with that course of action.

If you are planning a presidential candidacy, hopefully your constituents will campaign in advance for you. We shall tell your story with anger in our hearts and voices. And hopefully, those in your own party have learned who you are by now. I’d be shocked if they don’t primary you. Now is a good time to adjust your legacy if you have the good sense to do so.

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