An Update: Aug 15, 2020

Wow. It has been too long since I have actually written an honest-to-goodness blogpost in some time. I hope your 2020 is going as well as it can go.


2020 for many has been a bitter year of struggles, permanent losses of all kinds, and a new normal for all. Routine? What is this? Calendars? What are those?





It is my hope that you are coping with these challenges and by now accepting them. Grieving the old is fine though, we will be grieving the old for years to come.

1993 Toyota Celica GT




As for me, I have been busy with graduate school. 19 credit hours done out of 60 or so! Whoo! Halfway through my courses and a third of the way through my program. I’m still in politics, and that’s always an adventure.





My pal, Austin Simpson and I were doing game reviews. They’ll be some of those here in the near future.Joint & solo reviews from us both.Now, as far as coffee, they’ll certainly be reviews.

There will not be any beer reviews any longer. An inconvenient truth in my life surfaced. My beer hobby was making me gain weight. I have given up beer. When it comes to booze I only drink whisky, tequila, and wine now. Occasionally a hard cider at times, but hardly ever. I have no interest in gluten free beer.


As far as fiction goes, I released a book this year called Bannhart City Blues. It is available on Amazon, B&N, and other booksellers’ sites. It is also available on e-book. I will update my fiction page soon.

I am currently working on a non-fiction piece that I’m quite excited about. Details to come later.

I appreciate your loyal readership. It is hard to believe I started this blog six years ago, on a snowy day in a hotel room in an undisclosed location.

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