Bourbon Review: Wild Turkey 101

Hunter on bicycle

Distillery: Austin Nichols (Wild Turkey)

ABV: 50.5%

Country of origin: United States of America (Kentucky)

Background: This is a whisky that was oftentimes enjoyed by that doctor of journalism: Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson’s brilliant and troubled self loved this whisky. I distinctly recall it when Bill Murray played HST in Where The Buffalo Roam, and he hoisted a bottle of the stuff.

As for myself now….

Taste & Aroma: You really get a lot of rye and spice with some vanilla in the nose. The flavor is subdued by the whisky’s strength.

Final Analysis: I strongly suggest you get yourself some ice cubes or some cola to mix this with. Otherwise, you’re just going to feel the heat and burn. I strongly recommend other bourbons.

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