I’m Back. This time, I’m sticking around.

Hello, its been a long, long time. We’re not in a galaxy far, far away though.

The last post I did was on Wild Turkey 101, which is not too great of a bourbon in my opinion nowadays. Frankly speaking, that post was two years ago and the world was certainly quite different then for me. Things are quite different now. We’re in a new episode.

That’s the last media reference for a while. You can never go wrong with Star Wars or Miami Vice as far as I am concerned. The last post I did was essentially where things were ramping up in graduate school. I did not have time for pleasure writing as much as I used to have. Bluntly speaking, I then soon after stopped having time for politics. Check this out.

I left the county board in 2022. My grandfather passed in 2022 as well. This all happened in February. This year proved to be a negative and positive crucible with those necessary events. My grandfather is now in heaven. My political career is finished for now. The positive event was that I achieved my degree and passed my exams. I am now a professional counselor. I have a Master of Arts in counseling. I also have thanksgiving this year for a job at a reputable counseling agency where I will practice community mental health in an outpatient setting. Despite these losses I have reasons to be thankful.

My bombshell wife and I celebrated nine years of marriage in July of this year. I am still cancer free after eight years. My father is also cancer free having himself experienced an illness of prostate cancer this year. My mother’s test came back negative for cancer. My family is healthy. My father in-law found employment, and he is happy as well. I’m happy for him.

Now that I’m finished with school, I’m leaning more back into my writing. I have recently written an article for a psychotherapy trade publication. I’m waiting to hear back. I’m currently working on a biblically informed self-help book. My goal is to have it written and published prior to the time I turn thirty-five. I’m currently thirty-two, so its perfectly doable.

This blog is going to come back though. I have plans for reviews, short fiction, poetry, and previews of my upcoming work. Its a wide open road from here on out.

I’m reinviting you to join me once more on this oasis in cyberspace as I called it eight years ago.


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