Fistful of Bourbon, A peacemaking shot reminiscent of a spaghetti western

I drink beer every now and then, but I’m a fan of whisky this time of year. I quit the gluten-free diet I was on for roughly a year back in 2020. This time of year when the fall is ending and we are shifting into winter is a great time to enjoy some warming whisky. Fistful of Bourbon has a great name and a great flavor.

The label itself brings up a Sergio Morricone anthem.

This is a blended bourbon of five different bourbon whiskies. The flavors are complex. I like this bourbon on the rock and neat. For this tasting, I’m having it neat. Let’s go over some vitals first though.


Whiskey:Fistful of Bourbon

ABV: 45% (90 Proof)

Bottled by: William Grant & Sons

Country of Origin: United States of America

The aroma of this bourbon from a short tumbler is one of cinnamon and leather, I’m also picking up a little bit of vanilla as well. Again, I’m having this neat right now. The flavor is wintergreen, peppermint, oak and vanilla in my perspective. I’m not a sommelier or cicerone. I merely enjoy the beverage and tell you what I think.

Blending five whiskies to create an excellent whisky such as this is not an easy feat. A master blender was involved. You can check that out here and learn about her. Kelsey McKechnie is certainly an artist and skilled at her craft to create this fine libation.

By my second sip I’m really feeling like I’m drinking a nice bourbon in the modern world and age, and I’m not having to worry about Angel Eyes or one of Manco’s other foes in one of the Dollars Trilogy. This is a solid and smooth bourbon. If you enjoy cinnamon, wintergreen, oak, and vanilla, you’ll adore this. Thanks to Kelsey McKechnie and the fine folks at William Grant & Sons who made this fine bourbon happen. Maybe you’ll want to sip this and play the classic Western FPS: Outlaws.


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